Umpire Program


  • Minimum 12 years of age
  • Open to both boys, girls and adults
  • Softball experience is an asset, but not mandatory
  • Complete the mandatory Umpires Training Clinic through Softball Ontario Softball Ontario - Login 
  • Umpires can only umpire divisions below their age level
  • Arrive to game on-time and be prepared to umpire with confidence and maturity (and appropriate gear)

All New/Returning Umpires:

Complete this Mandatory MGSI Registration Form. 

This important information is added to the mobile Assignr App.

This is how all communication, game assignments, update of availability, and tracking of payments will be handled.

Key Contacts:

Bonnie Wrigglesworth, MGSI Director of Umpires


Jordana Goncalves, Umpire in Charge


Scott Williams, MGSI VP of Rep   

Two Types of Training Available


1. Local Training: Not officially ‘carded’ and no insurance

 What levels you can UmpireHow to RegisterTraining CostUniform Required
All Ages (12 and up)House league games up to U13

U15 and up need at least a level 1 Ump

*No Rep games or select tournaments games
Indicate on the
Mandatory Contact Form

Local Training/Refresher Clinic
will be offered and communicated
through the Assignr App.
FreeProvided by MGSI:
-Umpiring shirt (yours to keep)

You are responsible for:
-Shoes (dark coloured runners)

-Dark pants (grey, navy, or black)

-Mask, to be used as Plate Umpire

-Counter clicker, plate brush, ball bag


2. Provincial Training: Carded through Softball Ontario and Insurance

 What levels you can UmpireHow to Register
** Yearly Registration Required!**
Training Req’sCost for Reg + Clinic if neededUniform Required
(Not provided by MGSI)
Youth Umpire
(16 and under)
Can work house league games and tournaments (Select and Rep)Youth Umpire.pdfFull 1-day course with a separate test.

Click here to sign up for the clinic Softball Ontario - Login
Registration $115.00 +tx
Clinic cost varies by centre ~$85-100 + tax
Softball Ontario Umpire Shirt
Protective gear for plate umpires (mask, chest protector, shin guards)
Indicator/Clicker, umpire brush, ball bag
Dark grey pants are required for any carded ump similar to school uniform/dress pants.
Yoga pants, leggings & baseball pants are NOT allowed.
Shoes: Dark runners, steel-toed (or similar) is required for plate umpires at rep games.

Uniform items can be purchased at Softball Canada Umpire – Home Run Sports
New UmpireNew Umpire.pdfsame as aboveRegistration $115 + tax
Clinic cost varies by centre ~$85-100 + tax
same as above
Returning UmpireReturning Umpire.pdfsame as aboveRegistration $115 + tax same as above


Houseleague & Select Exhibition Games

U11 $30

U13 $35 each- 2 umpires per game *

U15 $40 each - 2 umpires per game *

U17 and up $45 each - 2 umpires per game *

* Umpires get 1.5 of total cost if only 1 umpire. Paid monthly via etransfer.



Rep Games/ Rep Tournaments/Select Tournaments

$50 per umpire, $75 if only one umpire. Paid in cash at each game.

Clinic Listings:

(Sign up Here -> Softball Ontario - Login)